Improving Resident Retention Articles

As partners with our Customers in the training their on-site leasing staff to a standard of excellence, Ellis Partners has published over the years a number of articles related to apartment leasing – trends and best practices – with input from respected multifamily industry insiders.

The Ellis Partners Articles showcase the correlations between implementing an apartment mystery shopping program and performing resident surveys and gaining increased revenue and improved overall resident retention.

The Direct Correlation Between Leasing Performance and Mystery Shopping is Examined Closely in These Insightful Articles

Why Do Companies Mystery Shop?

Is it important to have an apartment Mystery Shopping Program? Implementing a Shopping Program can help increase sales and revenue, plus it can be an easily accessible primary or secondary training tool for your Leasing Professionals and onsite staff.

Does More Time Mean Better Quality?

Can it be said that the amount of time your Leasing Professionals and Property Managers spend with a potential resident has a direct correlation to their decision to visit and lease? Dedicating the time makes a difference.

What Can Follow Up Do For You?

Are Leasing Professionals making an effort to follow up with the Prospective resident? Find out industry trends in post-visit contact and how you can benefit from encouraging staff to promptly and professionally follow up with your potential residents.

Does Shopping Add Up To Higher Occupancy Rates?

Have you ever considered whether implementing an apartment Mystery Shopping Program will make a difference in your overall performance and improve resident retention? Can staff participation really result in enhanced skills by your Leasing Professionals?

Considering Video Shops?

Have you ever wondered if Video Shops were the way to go? Learn the benefits of investing in Video Shops as a way to capture the entire visual and auditory experience of a visit to your community through the eyes and ears of the potential resident..

Is There Increased Accountability In Higher Levels of Management?

In today’s environment, are the roles of onsite staff and management different than in the past? Explore the portfolio-wide effects of an apartment mystery Shopping Program and how intense accountability in the field is shaping the way you do business.

Are You Responding To Internet Leads Effectively and Consistently?

Failure to get a response back into the Internet prospects’ hands will cost your company business and send the ‘wrong’ message! Review the potential pitfalls and take action to make sure you do not to fall into any of them.

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