Apartment Mystery Shopping

To get the best results for your property, you need more than just a way to evaluate how well you’re doing. You need to be able to take specific action to make improvements. Ellis Partners apartment mystery shopping services give you all of the data and reporting you need to monitor your performance and measure it against your established expectations, past history and the performance of other properties, companies and markets across the country. We then provide you with the tools, training and resources you need to quickly improve any problem areas. Our Shopping Dashboard is an easy to use resource that provides valuable information on your shops at-a glance.

Keeping in mind that the customer’s experience now plays a factor in their decision to rent at your community, Ellis has added a Customer Experience component to each shopping report. The Customer Experience component reaches beyond the factual, objective feedback of the mystery shopping report, allowing expression of those subjective, emotional and powerful reactions to the customer’s interaction with you. This valuable feedback includes a Customer Experience rating – 1 to 5 stars –and is offered at no additional charge as a complementary enhancement to your mystery shopping reports.

Ellis offers a variety of mystery shopping services, customer feedback products including resident surveys, and training enhancement services to effectively evaluate and improve every phase of your leasing process:

Onsite Shop

As the leading apartment mystery shopping company, we perform more onsite shops than any other company. Our onsite shop starts with the shopper conducting a telephone shop (which can be recorded) of the targeted apartment community or leasing professional. The apartment  shopper will then proceed with an in-person visit to the apartment community. Following the visit, the shopper will complete an in-depth evaluation of the leasing professional and an assessment of the community. This type of shop can be completed within seven to 10 days of the shop date and sooner in most cases.

Each report is made available online and includes detailed scoring and benchmarking figures that identify specific strengths and weaknesses in a particular area of the leasing presentation and/or within certain areas of the property management’s portfolio. Reports also include targeted training links that help leasing professionals address any identified deficiencies while reminding the leasing professional of specific techniques that are useful in their day-to-day leasing presentations.

Results are easily summarized by performance category (i.e. telephone, greeting, etc.) and by such categories as vice president, regional manager, city, etc.

Recorded Telephone Shop

A telephone shop is a recording of an actual telephone presentation conducted by an onsite leasing professional. This type of shop is the most economical and generally can be performed within five days of order placement. Included with this shop are a written report, the recorded call and online access that provides data summaries of all shops.

Internet Shop

An Internet shop begins with the Apartment Mystery Shopper completing an online form (through your Internet advertiser) linked to the targeted apartment community, with the intent of evaluating the timeliness and quality of response sent by the leasing professional.
In addition to the customer service analysis, this type of shop is useful in verifying the technical functionality and accuracy of the community’s online operations. For example, we have discovered issues related to spam from various property management companies as well as emails being directed to the wrong property. This type of shop is generally performed within five days of order placement and includes online access to reports summarizing the results of a client’s shops over time.

Video Shop

Carried out onsite by Apartment Mystery shoppers equipped with a hidden camera, video shops offer the most comprehensive glimpse into a leasing professional’s performance. Ellis Partners will professionally edit and deliver a copy of the video via a secure link to our website. Unlike our other apartment mystery shopping services, video shops do not come with the standard written shop report, but rather a brief summary of the 10 Ellis Benchmark questions. For an additional fee, Ellis will produce and include the written shop report.

Particularly beneficial to management companies located far from their properties, video shops offer clear views, not only of the leasing professional, but also the actual community. However, this type of shop requires more lead-time given the logistical coordination of equipment and specially certified shoppers, as well as the professional editing and production process. Ellis also requires its clients to sign a consent form, given the legal situations present in most states. The average delivery time for video shops is three to four weeks.

Our Integrated Customer Experience Program is comprised of Mystery Shops, Resident Surveys, and Renter’s Voice (apartment ratings and reviews). For more information about shops, resident surveys, or rating and reviews, contact us.

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