Implementing a Mystery Shopping Program

To get the best results for your apartment community, you need to understand not only how you are doing but also how you are improving. You need to be able to take specific action to make improvements. Ellis Partners – Apartment Mystery Shopping services give you all of the data and reporting you need to monitor your performance and measure it against your established expectations, past history and the performance of other properties, companies and markets across the country.

Ellis provides you with the tools, training and resources you need through mystery shops and resident surveys in order to quickly capitalize on any opportunity!

With the current competitive environment, apartment communities and management companies need to evaluate service delivery. An apartment Mystery Shopping program is a prominent evaluation tool that can help ensure continuous quality improvement and resident satisfaction, as part of measuring against your company’s established standards of service and increasing resident retention. Ellis also offers a Resident Surveys program to enhance your understanding of the retention process throughout the resident life cycle.

Mystery Shopping, as well as resident surveys, allows you to collect objective and qualitative “real life” data on the experience of your customers from THEIR perspective. Through this technique, you can gain a more dynamic picture of customer service and identify key areas for improvement, making it easy to identify what changes you want to put in place.

Ellis can show you how to:

  • Plan your Mystery Shopping program
  • Establish a Mystery Shopping budget
  • Select a Mystery Shopping company
  • Establish expectations and goals for the program
  • Develop an assessment report
  • Establish a Mystery Shopping schedule
  • Use the Mystery Shop results in training
  • Set up ongoing reviews

Implementing an apartment Mystery Shopping program involves recruiting, selecting, and instructing people to serve as shoppers or selecting a professional shopping company – such as Ellis Partners! – to do that for you.

Contact us today for more information on our Integrated Customer Experience Program consisting of Mystery Shopping, Resident Surveys, and Apartment Ratings & Reviews all on a single, easy to use platform.