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Ditch the Pitch and Create Value

Now that busy season is complete, you have time to review with your staff what did and did not work this time around. This is great as it will allow you to clean up your pitch to make sure it…

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The Art of Resident Retention

Great customer service retains customer and keeps them coming back, so work to make this your focus. Below are tips to help bring retention to the forefront.

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It’s All About Customer Experience

Your customer is the center of your job; everything you do should be with the customer’s experience in mind. Be sure to design the customer experience to meet your objective. Your job is to create an emotional connection, as people…

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10 Leasing Hacks in 30 Minutes

Your ultimate goal should be to convert your prospective leads faster and maintain a thoughtful relationship with your residents. Here are 10 hacks to make reaching that goal easier.

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The Art of Follow-Up

Did you know it takes about five follow-up opportunities before movement with a sale? Thus, tenacity is key to getting the sale. Only 8% of people actually take the time to follow up, so this can be great news for…

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Write Better Emails and Get the Lease

Email marketing is incredibility effective if you know how to utilize it, so keep reading! Why aren’t my emails being read? Fun stat: Only 21% of consumers reported that they received a memorable promotional email in the past two months….

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Create a Thoughtful Sales Strategy

The busy season has just ended and it feels like a sink or swim moment. To make matters more intense, we are now moving into holiday season and competing for attention with all of the holiday advertising. In order to…

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Difficult Residents Strike Again

Difficult residents seem to come with the territory of running an apartment complex, yet not many people talk about how to approach and create success with them. EPMS knows there are effective tools to help you listen to customers, respond…

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Create a Great Customer Experience in a Digital World

If you want loyal residents, you have to invest in the experience. This is the trick to being successful in the digital world. The customer’s online experience is an integral part of total customer relationship management. Start helping and stop…

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How to Handle Unhappy Residents

Feedback stings because there’s always a little but of truth in it. It might only reveal how others perceive us, but it is still their truth. With every truth, we have an opportunity to learn and improve and even turn…

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