Communicating Value

Communicating ValueWhen you read ‘communicating value’ and begin to relate that with the sales and leasing process of the apartment industry, you probably presume that you are already communicating said value to your customers and in multiple ways: advising them on how to arrange their oversized sectional, the perks of living at a XYZ community, and an exceptional maintenance team. But the questions remains: what does your current customer value and how does that set you apart from your competitors?

The first step is to become hyper-focused – focusing on your audience of one – the customer that you are speaking to right now. Ask them relevant questions that match their communication style. Customers don’t buy a laundry list of facts and features; they buy solutions to their problems that create value for them. People make purchasing decisions emotionally, and then later justify it logically.

The next step is to listen, which is easier said than done. Taking the time to get to know your current audience of one won’t only help you identify their needs in the short term, but it will also create value for them in the long run. Sales teams must illustrate why their value proposition is the best solution for the customer’s requirements, one that is uniquely suited to meeting their needs. Be prepared. Know the facts and how to communicate the advantage.

Most people buy what they perceive is best for themselves. If the customer needs it, wants it, and feels there’s a fit, then they will compare perceived value with price. And before you put your guard up to the price conversation, remember this… A price objection is just a customer’s way of telling you that the value is lacking or not evident.

It takes confidence, personal rapport, and doing your homework to sell value, opposed to price. Continue to provide good service throughout the lifespan of your prospect, and you will create a value that both parties will benefit from.


Misty Sanford
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Effective Email Communication

Effective Email CommunicationEmails and phone conversations are how people get to know you, like you, and trust you. Do you enjoy emails that look like a generic template? What about phone calls that sound like scripts? Of course not. People want to connect with real people, so write and speak as if you are conversing with a friend.

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Are Objections a Bad Thing?

Are Objections a Bad ThingBelieve it or not, objections are not a bad thing. If your prospect raises an objection, that’s a good sign. That means they care enough to ask questions. And, the fact that they are talking out their concerns means they want to be able to move past it. If someone is completely uninterested in leasing from you, they won’t bother to object.


So what exactly is an objection? Objections are anything that stops your prospect from leasing from you. Notice that I didn’t say from your peer or from leasing at your property. I said leasing from you.

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Creating Positive Memories With the Customer Experience

MemoriesYou remember the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”? Well, it is only partly true. The first impression is indeed very important. It’s very memorable, as well. But there is so much more than the first impression. Because multifamily is, or should be, heavily focused on the customer experience, the impressions never stop. It happens when a resident submits a service request and even when she picks up a package. Impressions are at every single interaction.

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Closing Techniques

sell-yourselfDon’t sell an apartment. Sell yourself.

I have news that might come as a surprise. You’re not selling apartments. Nope. You’re selling yourself.

If you want to keep your residents and prospects from straying to competitors, never stop selling. More specifically, never stop selling the value you provide.

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Customer Journey Map Preparation

Customer Journey Map PreparationWe’re one month into 2015, and we’ve already noticing a few trending topics. One of those topics is customer journey maps. This is more than just a buzz word. With our every growing focus on the customer experience, we think this topic is here to stay.

So what is a customer journey map? It is a framework that maps the resident lifecycle. That’s the easy definition. The more complicated definition is below.

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How to Follow Up

How To Follow UpYou answered 5 prospects calls, gave 2 tours, and received 8 online leads. All today. Now what? You have 15 people that are potential residents and no idea what to do next.

Follow up is an art. And, it’s kind of boring…if you do it the way it’s always been done. Phone numbers and email addresses have no value if you don’t use them properly.

Your follow up methods are key to developing a great customer experience that turns a prospect into a resident into an advocate.

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Separate Your Community From the Rest

We are facing a new challenge. All of the product coming online looks the same. And, it looks just like the product that was built two years and even three years ago.

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Receiving Criticism

Receiving criticism is your chance to show off a rare skill; your ability to take negative feedback well. Believe me, it’s not easy. It takes years of practice and a lot of self-awareness. But you have an advantage. Because of the nature of our business, you get to practice receiving feedback almost daily. You get real feedback from your real customers all the time. You don’t have to wait for an annual performance review or even a survey.

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Become a Better Communicator

I know you all have a lot of goals you are working towards, especially this time of year. But I have one more goal to add to your list. Become a better communicator with your residents.

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