Working at a “Push Button” Community Can Impede Employee Potential

Every apartment community has a personality. In fact, if you were to divide up all of the apartment communities in your company portfolio, it is likely that each one would fall into one of the following three categories:

1. Hell on Wheels: A difficult, demanding, back-breaking, problematic community.

2. Easy-Going: An average, occasional challenge, mostly pleasant community.

3. Push Button: A simple, no sweat, uncomplicated, “daily vacation” community.

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know why your company exists

Four Things Not to Do When Responding to Apartment Reviews

We have talked about 4 secrets to success when managing your apartment reviews, so let’s now talk about what not to do. But before we run through the list, I want to share some food for thought. You create the experience. This deserves to be said twice, so I’ll say it again with a little more emphasis. YOU create the experience.

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Driving Action and Innovation at the Seriously Easy-Going Community

In the past, many apartment communities have been able to survive even with very limited amounts of innovation. They focused on providing quality products and services, and simply updated them to a level that maintained their competitiveness in the market.

Today, customer expectations are placing more demands on company innovation. They are used to products that continually advance and make their life easier and they don’t expect any less from your team and community. If you are not up for the challenge, they can always go somewhere else.

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4 Steps to Create an Effective Customer Journey Map

We have talked about the customer journey map before, but I want to revisit again with a deeper look at each step in the creation of a customer journey map.

So, what is a customer journey map? Let’s start there. A great customer journey map documents your customer experience from your customer’s perspective. That is the key. You have to truly put yourself in your customer’s shoes and be a customer. The customer journey map helps you understand not only how customer’s interact with you today, but it also identifies improvement opportunities.

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Lessons Learned While Working at a “Hell on Wheels” Apartment Community

Every apartment community has its own unique personality. In fact, it is very likely that the one you are working at right now will fall into one of the following three personality categories:

1. Hell on Wheels: A difficult, demanding, back-breaking, problematic community.

2. Easy-Going: An average, occasional challenge, mostly pleasant community.

3. Push Button: A simple, no sweat, uncomplicated, “daily vacation” community.

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Don’t Let the Rules Be the Obstacle to Great Customer Experiences

Employees need some freedom and resources to do what’s right for customers. They need to be able to make fast decisions that have a positive impact on a customer’s experience. Too often customers hear, “That is our company policy…”, “I can’t…”, or “You’ll need to speak to a manager.” What all these employees are really saying is, “I have to follow the rules and procedures or I will get in trouble.” Don’t let the rules be the obstacle to great customer experiences.

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Learn Your Customer Experience by Being a Customer

Let’s turn our attention to customer experience for a bit.  We all think we know our residents pretty well, right?  I mean, we have demographic reports with credit scores, salary info, and marital status, so what else could we possibly want to know about our residents?  A lot!

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Identifying and Nurturing High-Potential Employees

When we mistake a high-performing employee for a high-potential one we are making a costly error in management and are risking the loss of real talent. Yet, we are all guilty at some point of doing this because it’s an easy mistake to make. We look out into our ocean of employees and can quickly spot those ‘high profile’ high-performers who stand out in the crowd. Then there are the high-potential employees who are often left on their own and forgotten. You know the type. They are hired, trained (maybe), and given attention when it is convenient, but they are often low maintenance so they fall under the radar. But don’t be mistaken – low maintenance does not equal low potential, as these professionals are often simply doing their jobs and going unnoticed.

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Who Should Be Accountable for Responding to Apartment Reviews?

Most of us are very focused on building our reputation, which is good, but are we also focused on building character and accountability? Are we making those important changes to truly improve our customer experience? Are we owning our mistakes even when we don’t want to?

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How We Receive and Process Criticism

How open are you to customer feedback?  I know, it’s not one of those questions we really like to answer.  And, are we ever truly honest with ourselves? Let’s think about how we receive and process criticism.

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