Move Over Millenials

64All of their communication is chat based; short, informal, and instantaneous. Things like email and a corporate job are one and the same; no fun and brutal. They’re extremely pragmatic. In other words, things are dealt with sensibly and realistically. Forget any theoretical considerations, or even optimism, sadly.

The generation we should all be watching closely; the generation after Millennials. Within the next few years, Gen Z will become the fastest growing generation in the workplace and marketplace.

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Overcoming Uncontrollable Community Weaknesses

Overcoming Uncontrollable Community WeaknessesblogObjections are rarely great news, but they indicate interest and are an opportunity.  As leasing professionals, it is our job to find opportunities in every situation, even the difficult ones.  We all want to be as customer centric as possible.


Your community weaknesses are typically your objections.  Sure, they aren’t fun to deal with, but we all have them.  The trick is approaching them with the right mindset.  That mindset being that objections are actually good news.  You are getting objections because your prospect is interested. If they weren’t, they’d simply move on to another community.

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Stand Out From the Crowd During Leasing Season

Stand Out From the Crowd During Leasing SeasonLeasing season is here!  It is your time to shine and stand out from the crowd.  And the fact is that simple and effective follow up is a simple way to do that.

Did you know that 48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect?  48%!  That is huge!  That number most likely gets even higher during busy leasing seasons, which means your opportunity to be better than everyone else isn’t all that difficult.

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5 Reasons to Resuscitate the Pen and Paper

Resuscitating the Pen and PaperWhen was the last time you received a handwritten letter in your mailbox? Today’s typical home receives a personal letter about every seven weeks. According to the U.S. Postal Service the striking decline in letter-writing is “primarily driven by the adoption of the Internet as a preferred method of communication.” But unlike e-communications, handwritten notes are unique because they are capable of engaging people on a deeper level than other forms of communication.

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Managing Negative Feedback

Managing Negative Feedback“After seeing a brand’s response to a review, 71% of consumers change their perception of the brand.” Bazaar Voice


What is written in a negative review is not the only thing that is important. How you respond to a review is just as important as the score and what is being said in the written portion. Prospects and residents are reading reviews, but in some cases, they are more interested in how you handle problems. Do you take ownership? Do you problem solve? Do you sincerely apologize? Hopefully your answer is yes to all of these questions.

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First Impressions

First ImpressionsIt’s that time of year again, the insanely busy leasing season. We all know our first impression is critically important. This includes things like curb appeal, the scent in the office, and the cleanliness of common areas, but do you know that you are a big part of that impression?


A first impression happens in just a fraction of a second. To be more specific, our brains process verbal and non-verbal cues in a tenth of a second to form our opinions of a person or experience.

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Who is Gen Z?

0010856068S-849x565Are you thinking about Gen Z yet? Millennials are about to be old news, and the generation following them has a completely different set of needs and values. This new group is going to be our target renters before we know it. For some properties, they already are.

So who is Gen Z? They were born after 1995, which means the oldest of the group is already 21. While we don’t know much about Gen Z yet, we do know a lot about the environment they are growing up in.

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Creating a 90 Day Reputation Management Plan

Create a 90 dayHaving a positive online reputation is essential for any business, especially apartment communities. Prospects, competitors, and customers can easily research your community online to determine if you have a positive or negative reputation and then decide if they want to do business with you before you every have the opportunity to have a conversation. Just one negative resource or comment can deter a prospect.


A positive online reputation will encourage them to pick up the phone or walk in your leasing office. With that being said, investing in reputation management is crucial for your business, and having a 90-Day Reputation Management Plan is a necessity.

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Overcoming Objections

How To Overcome Tough ObjectionsIn sales, the word objection can feel like rejection. It is easy to become so passionate about what you are selling that you feel rejected when your prospect presents you with an objection. However, objections aren’t a bad thing.

If your prospect raises an objection, it usually means he is interested. He is giving you a chance to respond, because he wants to live at your community.

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Developing a Customer Experience Audit

Developing a Customer Experience AuditDo you believe a resident’s experience ends as soon as the lease is signed? Or do you believe the resident’s experience only takes place during a customer service related transaction?

Believe it or not, the customer experience is a rather complex journey for your residents, and it never expires.

An incomplete or difficult customer experience can lead to a decrease in leases and frustrated residents.

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