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The Art of Follow-Up

Did you know it takes about five follow-up opportunities before movement with a sale? Thus, tenacity is key to getting the sale. Only 8% of people actually take the time to follow up, so this can be great news for…

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Write Better Emails and Get the Lease

Email marketing is incredibility effective if you know how to utilize it, so keep reading! Why aren’t my emails being read? Fun stat: Only 21% of consumers reported that they received a memorable promotional email in the past two months….

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Creating Sticky Customer Communication that Wins

Through automation and routine customer touch points customer communication quickly becomes an illusion. We are talking at them instead of taking the time to truly engage with each customer. This is where creating sticky customer communication comes in hand. Creating…

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Quick Tips for Skillful Communication

Be a great listener. You’ll find that this tip is a prerequisite for the following tips. Becoming a great and active listener is a valuable art to master for any professional role you take on in life. Pay attention to…

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Effective Email Communication

Emails and phone conversations are how people get to know you, like you, and trust you. Do you enjoy emails that look like a generic template? What about phone calls that sound like scripts? Of course not. People want to…

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5 keys to unock effective leasing conversations

5 Keys to Unlock Effective Leasing Conversations

Are your leasing professionals drowning potential residents with facts, figures, and product information? So much so that your customers feel like they need to carry a can of “leasing professional repellent”? Then you want to learn these five keys to…

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7 Thoughtful and Creative Ways to Say Thank You

When a customer visits your apartment, reviews your community online, or recommends you to a friend, these occasions all call for a remarkable thank you. No one wants to send that boring follow-up email that is so bland it could…

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Connecting is the Key to Being a 5-Star Leasing Professional

One of the most important skills that a leasing professional can have is the ability to connect with people.  Although leasing presentations can be impressive and may meet or exceed the required expectations of the management company as reflected on…

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The Client Whisperer: How to Connect In-Person

You may be thinking, “Did you mean the Horse Whisperer?”  Well, kind of… According to Webster’s New Millennium Dictionary, the definition of a Horse Whisperer is a person who tames and trains horses by gentle methods and speech. Every horse,…

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