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It’s All About Customer Experience

Your customer is the center of your job; everything you do should be with the customer’s experience in mind. Be sure to design the customer experience to meet your objective. Your job is to create an emotional connection, as people…

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Create a Thoughtful Sales Strategy

The busy season has just ended and it feels like a sink or swim moment. To make matters more intense, we are now moving into holiday season and competing for attention with all of the holiday advertising. In order to…

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Create a Great Customer Experience in a Digital World

If you want loyal residents, you have to invest in the experience. This is the trick to being successful in the digital world. The customer’s online experience is an integral part of total customer relationship management. Start helping and stop…

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Developing a Customer Experience Audit

Do you believe a resident’s experience ends as soon as the lease is signed? Or do you believe the resident’s experience only takes place during a customer service related transaction? Believe it or not, the customer experience is a rather…

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Social Media Marketing

Having a social media presence in business is becoming just as important as having a phone number. It is a necessity in getting your business in front of your audience, being searchable, and is one of the best ways to…

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Resident Retention and Customer Experience

A good reputation, resident referrals, and a solid, predictable community ends and begins with your residents. It’s no secret that your residents are your biggest asset, even bigger than your $40+ million property. Because of this, creating a better focus…

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The Art of Persuasion

The art of persuasion – not to get confused with manipulation- lies in simplifying something down to its core, and communicating to others what they really care about. Manipulation, however, is coercion through force to get someone to do something…

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Creating Positive Memories With the Customer Experience

You remember the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”? Well, it is only partly true. The first impression is indeed very important. It’s very memorable, as well. But there is so much more than…

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Customer Journey Map Preparation

We’re one month into 2015, and we’ve already noticing a few trending topics. One of those topics is customer journey maps. This is more than just a buzz word. With our every growing focus on the customer experience, we think…

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Separate Your Community From the Rest

We are facing a new challenge. All of the product coming online looks the same. And, it looks just like the product that was built two years and even three years ago.

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