It’s All About Customer Experience

Developing a Customer Experience AuditYour customer is the center of your job; everything you do should be with the customer’s experience in mind. Be sure to design the customer experience to meet your objective. Your job is to create an emotional connection, as people buy based on emotions, not logic. Doing this generates positive word of mouth, which is a free advertisement.


Great communication is the key to converting a lead to a prospect. The journey starts with a phone call or a website inquiry. Remember, your leasing staff is a part of the community brand. A great phone call takes about 8 minutes. This allows you to collect all the necessary information to create the best experience for the lead.

Active Listening

Every good conversation starts with good listening. This means you do not multitask while on the phone or in the middle of helping a prospect. Whether you realize this or not, your prospect will notice. Place a sign on your window or door when you are on a call with a prospect so your staff will not interrupt you.

Connect with Residents to Get Their Feedback

Right after your tour, the feedback and connection process starts with your new resident. This will extend into the customer experience after they sign the lease and will continue even as you work to secure a renewal lease.

Responding to Your Residents

The timeframe in which you respond to a resident’s needs matters. You should respond in a timely manner, as doing to will be highlighted within the resident’s mind. This is a crucial step that can help earn loyalty with your current residents.

Remember, when you leasing staff keeps the customer’s experience front and center, you will stand out amongst your competition.

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