Resident Surveys; A GUIDE to improving Resident Retention
“Do you know precisely what your resident wants?”

For more than 25 years and over 600,000 market shops later, Ellis has been helping apartment management companies and owners evaluate their front-end sales and marketing strategies through their flagship apartment mystery shopping product. By partnering with clients to determine, evaluate and benchmark questions related to their sales and marketing processes, Ellis Partners provides immediate feedback to Customers through multi-level reporting. This static, objective, non-emotional and easy-to-understand data provides Customers a guide to train, measure, and react to changes in employees or in the market itself.

Ellis Partners Resident Surveys can specifically focus on key business processes derived from the data collection of key variables in your daily site operations. After our detailed analysis of this data, we outline easy-to-understand, actionable items via our easy to navigate customer interface.

Unlike traditional apartment resident survey companies, Ellis Partners’  program not only leaves you with the tactical data to which you are accustomed, but more importantly it spells out the bigger picture of strategic focus points that will allow you to immediately begin refining processes to increase Resident Retention and boost your net operating income. Our built-in analytics do the work of providing perspective on Customer feedback, saving you the time and costs of evaluating raw data to find meaning and value.

‘Our Resident Survey program defines the BIGGER PICTURE of strategic focus points allowing you to refine the process of increasing Resident Retention, and boost your NOI.’


By understanding “WHO” your Customer is, how they think and what is important to them, you can better see what is and is not having a positive influence on their decisions. In focusing on a specific community’s strengths and weaknesses that take into account “WHO” your Customer is, you can more efficiently drive business process improvement in a tailored fashion from the area of employee development to that of marketing and sales, ultimately improving operational dexterity.

The Residents Survey program is complemented by and works best in conjunction with the Apartment Mystery Shopping report, which is the primary tool for measuring how well your expectations are being met from a sales and marketing training standpoint. The net result of utilizing these two products together is a comprehensive program that allows you view and compare data that reflects who your real Customer is, how their buying decisions are shaped and what factors influence them to continue doing business with you alongside the objective report of a singular customer service experience.

‘The Residents Survey program is complemented by and works best in conjunction with the Apartment Mystery Shopping report’

Our analysis equips you with specific touch-points that target ways of improving resident retention and conversion, speeding up the path to evolution of processes and increased efficiency. Combining these two powerful tools will best enable you to see the full picture of the community’s performance. Continuing our partnership in your success, Ellis Partners introduction of the Resident Surveys product completes the cycle of we’ve successfully completed the cycle of understanding what the Customer wants, to defining and focusing on what the Customer wants, to measuring if the Customer is getting what they want.

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