Resident Retention through Contact and Shopping Program Development

Ellis Partners provides you with everything you need to implement your own apartment mystery shopping program, enabling you to increase resident retention. Listen online to mystery shopper interactions with leasing professionals and property managers and learn what your leasing team needs to be doing to improve your community.

Shop Recordings

You can listen to or view our apartment Mystery Shopper interactions with Leasing Professionals and Property Managers. Below are example Leasing Presentations which can be used as training tools.

An Above Average (Audio Recorded) Onsite Presentation
View/Listen to Sample

A Perfect Telephone Presentation
Listen to Sample

An Average Telephone Presentation
Listen to Sample

A Poor Telephone Presentation
Listen to Sample

A Perfect Internet Presentation
View Sample

A Perfect Video Presentation
Listen to & View Sample 1
Listen to & View Sample 2

Learn more about how to implement an apartment Mystery Shopping program.