Apartment Mystery Shopping and Resident Surveys

Why use EPMS, Ellis Partners Management Solutions? We provide the “gold-standard” of apartment mystery shopping for the multi-family industry including 80% of the 50 largest apartment management company operators listed by the NMHC, National Multi Housing Council.

Specialty.  Apartment mystery shopping and resident surveys are focused primarily on and designed specifically for apartments to enhance resident retention.

Experience. Serving the apartment industry since 1984, we’ve completed over 600,000 apartment mystery shops. We have been offering resident surveys as part of our Integrated Customer Experience program since 2011.

Training. Our Apartment Mystery Shopping reports and resident surveys provide feedback that serves as effective training tools for onsite professionals to help ultimately drive results at the property level.

Leadership. Our company was built from the ground up and our leadership spent years in the trenches and has extensive property management experience.

Accessibility. The platform provides 24/7 online accessibility to your secured apartment mystery shopping reports and resident survey results.

Benchmark Reporting. The exclusive Ellis Benchmark Report enables you to compare your company’s apartment mystery shopping leasing performance to other national and regional apartment operators. Know where you stand in comparison with other apartment leasing companies.

Apartment Mystery Shopping Product. For over 25 years EPMS, Ellis Partners Management Solutions has been helping apartment management companies and owners evaluate sales and marketing effectiveness through our Apartment Mystery Shopping product. We provide an objective tool to evaluate and benchmark questions related to sales and marketing processes. Ellis Partners provides immediate feedback and online multi-level reporting, plus offers participation in our nationally recognized Quarterly Benchmark Comparison report.

Customer Loyalty Resident Surveys. Having enjoyed decades of success in partnership with our clients, Ellis Partners introduced a Resident Survey product in 2011 to focus on resident retention. This retention loyalty Core Resident Survey product specifically focuses on collection and analysis of scientific data on a number of key variables and affords customers easily attainable solutions to driving business process improvement and operational dexterity. The key measure used in the resident surveys is the “Customer Loyalty Score,” modeled after the “Net Promoter Score” used by many other service industries. The Enhanced Resident Survey program includes analysis of Customer Sentiment through Text Analytics. Apartment Mystery Shopping and Resident Surveys reporting are accessible to our customers on our enhanced online customer interface, promoting environmental responsibility, allowing for sharing of information, and putting data right in the hands of our Customers 24 hours a day.

Integrated Solution. Ellis Partners is your source for an integrated solution to your sales, marketing, resident retention and business process improvement needs. Apartment Mystery Shopping and Resident Surveys are two components of our Integrated Customer Experience Program, which helps you complete the cycle of understanding what the Customer wants, to defining and focusing on what the Customer wants, to measuring if the Customer is getting what they want. The final component of our Integrated Customer Experience Program is Renter’s Voice – apartment ratings and reviews.



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