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Renter’s Voice is the next evolution apartment ratings and reviews site designed specifically to fairly represent the property management companies in the multifamily industry.Renter’s Voice provides online listings for 31,000 apartment communities across the US and – unlike similar sites that often contain biased or one-sided information – offers objective and transparent apartment reviews collected from a variety of sources.

Reviews are obtained from Independent Evaluators (mystery shoppers), Current Renters, and online users who are required to register to use the site. All content posted is subject to a third party authentication and verification process to ensure integrity of the information. Content passes through three iterations of review before being posted to Renter’s Voice, with the objective of keeping it relevant.

Renter’s Voice easily provides the widest range of perspective and the most in-depth view into each community, which makes it extremely attractive to the online apartment renter.

Renter’s Voice has allied with Ellis Partners in Management Solutions to allow for exchange of shopping report and resident survey data between the two companies and third party resources, which in turn springboards seamlessly into a valuable online marketing tool for the property management company.Renter’s Voice levels the playing field in contrast to traditional online ratings and reviews sites, by offering varied perspectives on the customer experience and giving property management companies a voice in the process.

Ellis’ Apartment Mystery Shopping program and Resident Survey program, in conjunction with Renter’s Voice, allow property management companies to turn traditionally operational based tools into effective marketing tools.

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