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Extracting the Noise From Your Reviews

Interpreting a review can be a bit tricky. If your community is like most communities, you get a lot of feedback.

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MYSTERY SHOPPING: Retention Strategies for Property Owners

If you are a property manager or owner, how often do you have the opportunity to make it to the site to evaluate the apartment marketing or maintenance? What level of customer loyalty are your onsite professionals breeding?

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The Client Whisperer: How to Connect In-Person

You may be thinking, “Did you mean the Horse Whisperer?”  Well, kind of… According to Webster’s New Millennium Dictionary, the definition of a Horse Whisperer is a person who tames and trains horses by gentle methods and speech. Every horse,…

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Perception is Reality

Perception is Reality   Perception is the only ‘truth’ when it comes to sales. You are marketing yourself as much as you are your product and services. A customer may get all the answers they need – but did you…

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Buyers Get Lost in Emotion

Emotion in Motion: How Feelings Factor Into the Buying Decision People are motivated to SEEK OUT and MAKE a purchase for one of two reasons: 1. To solve a problem 2. To make themselves FEEL better In our business, there…

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Mystery Shopping and Customer Loyalty

The mystery shopping report is long established as the objective tool for measuring performance of your onsite leasing personnel… BUT in giving you that glimpse into an interaction with a potential customer you can also see behaviors that contribute to…

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