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How Do I Handle Unhappy Residents?

Feedback stings because there’s always a little but of truth in it. It might only reveal how others perceive us, but it is still their truth. With every truth, we have an opportunity to learn and improve and even turn…

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Managing Negative Feedback

“After seeing a brand’s response to a review, 71% of consumers change their perception of the brand.” Bazaar Voice   What is written in a negative review is not the only thing that is important. How you respond to a…

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Creating a 90 Day Reputation Management Plan

Having a positive online reputation is essential for any business, especially apartment communities. Prospects, competitors, and customers can easily research your community online to determine if you have a positive or negative reputation and then decide if they want to…

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Managing Your Online Reputation

You probably already figured this out, but you can’t opt out of an online reputation.  We’re learning that companies must take the initiative towards implementing an online reputation management strategy as early as possible.   If you are a company…

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Receiving Criticism

Receiving criticism is your chance to show off a rare skill; your ability to take negative feedback well. Believe me, it’s not easy. It takes years of practice and a lot of self-awareness. But you have an advantage. Because of…

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Extracting the Noise From Your Reviews

Interpreting a review can be a bit tricky. If your community is like most communities, you get a lot of feedback.

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Do Something

Using Your Reviews as a Marketing Tool

84% of millenials say consumer-written content on brand sites influences what they buy (Social Trends Report 2013). As you have probably experienced, reviews play a huge role in the apartment search process. Prospects don’t choose an apartment without reading apartment…

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does your company need an I am annoyed department

5 Ways to Spot a Troll in Apartment Reviews

Trolls are sadists. Is that too harsh? It might be, but it’s true. They are unhappy people who get enjoyment from cruelty. I’ll admit that leaving a nasty and false apartment review is not the cruelest thing one can do, but…

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know why your company exists

Four Things Not to Do When Responding to Apartment Reviews

We have talked about 4 secrets to success when managing your apartment reviews, so let’s now talk about what not to do. But before we run through the list, I want to share some food for thought. You create the…

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who should be accountable for responding to apartment reviews

Who Should Be Accountable for Responding to Apartment Reviews?

Most of us are very focused on building our reputation, which is good, but are we also focused on building character and accountability? Are we making those important changes to truly improve our customer experience? Are we owning our mistakes…

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