The Art of Follow-Up

email-marketer-at-workDid you know it takes about five follow-up opportunities before movement with a sale? Thus, tenacity is key to getting the sale. Only 8% of people actually take the time to follow up, so this can be great news for you.

The First Steps

Become a resource before you attempt to sell. This will create inherit value for your potential customers. This will also allow you to find out what the problems are early on and provide solutions. You are the service; be open to creating a connection with your potential resident.

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Write Better Emails and Get the Lease

Managing Your Online ReputationEmail marketing is incredibility effective if you know how to utilize it, so keep reading!

Why aren’t my emails being read?

Fun stat: Only 21% of consumers reported that they received a memorable promotional email in the past two months. People rely less on email because they have other modes of communication such as Slack and basecamp, as well as other sources of communication that do not require email.

Today, some software like Gmail and others route emails into folders based on the email owner’s habits. In addition, some email providers have become savvy enough to filter out common sales words, causing the emails to be re-routed to the infamous spam folder. People are even using ‘junk’ email addresses to sign up and receive information.

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Create a Thoughtful Sales Strategy

Build a great customer experienceThe busy season has just ended and it feels like a sink or swim moment. To make matters more intense, we are now moving into holiday season and competing for attention with all of the holiday advertising.

In order to break through all the noise seeking your prospective resident’s time, attention and hard earned dollars, you’ll want to understand your prospects needs, wants and desires first. You can take this a step further to understand their problems as well so you are better equipped to help them understand your product or service.

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Difficult Residents Strike Again

does your company need an I am annoyed departmentDifficult residents seem to come with the territory of running an apartment complex, yet not many people talk about how to approach and create success with them. EPMS knows there are effective tools to help you listen to customers, respond to their feedback and understand and enhance overall customer experience and we are eager to share them with you.

The goal is to understand feedback through the eyes of your customers and to manage their expectations, especially online. It is easier and more or a resident to post a “bad” review than a good review. Let’s change that today by focusing on these areas:

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Create a Great Customer Experience in a Digital World

If you want loyal residents, you have to invest in the experience. This is the trick to being successful in the digital world. The customer’s online experience is an integral part of total customer relationship management.

Start helping and stop selling.

The first thing you must do is to start thinking like a customer; always consider your customer’s perspective first. Ditch your scripts for both sales and customer service and be a real, authentic person. The properties that create real value are able to see their own flaws and strengths through the eyes of residents and prospects.

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How to Handle Unhappy Residents

Feedback stings because there’s always a little but of truth in it. It might only reveal how others perceive us, but it is still their truth. With every truth, we have an opportunity to learn and improve and even turn an unhappy resident into a happy one.

The real trick to turning a negative into a positive is in how you respond. We have to stop and listen as this gives us an opportunity to understand the emotion while also composing ourselves and pushing away the instinct to become defensive.

Care and mean it; simply care. Stop what you’re doing and take interest in the conversation. Actively solicit feedback and create the feeling that you are constantly striving to improve their experience. In other words, demonstrate that you care. If you care about your residents, your customers are going to care about you.

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Move Over Millenials

64All of their communication is chat based; short, informal, and instantaneous. Things like email and a corporate job are one and the same; no fun and brutal. They’re extremely pragmatic. In other words, things are dealt with sensibly and realistically. Forget any theoretical considerations, or even optimism, sadly.

The generation we should all be watching closely; the generation after Millennials. Within the next few years, Gen Z will become the fastest growing generation in the workplace and marketplace.

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Overcoming Uncontrollable Community Weaknesses

Overcoming Uncontrollable Community WeaknessesblogObjections are rarely great news, but they indicate interest and are an opportunity.  As leasing professionals, it is our job to find opportunities in every situation, even the difficult ones.  We all want to be as customer centric as possible.


Your community weaknesses are typically your objections.  Sure, they aren’t fun to deal with, but we all have them.  The trick is approaching them with the right mindset.  That mindset being that objections are actually good news.  You are getting objections because your prospect is interested. If they weren’t, they’d simply move on to another community.

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Stand Out From the Crowd During Leasing Season

Stand Out From the Crowd During Leasing SeasonLeasing season is here!  It is your time to shine and stand out from the crowd.  And the fact is that simple and effective follow up is a simple way to do that.

Did you know that 48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect?  48%!  That is huge!  That number most likely gets even higher during busy leasing seasons, which means your opportunity to be better than everyone else isn’t all that difficult.

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5 Reasons to Resuscitate the Pen and Paper

Resuscitating the Pen and PaperWhen was the last time you received a handwritten letter in your mailbox? Today’s typical home receives a personal letter about every seven weeks. According to the U.S. Postal Service the striking decline in letter-writing is “primarily driven by the adoption of the Internet as a preferred method of communication.” But unlike e-communications, handwritten notes are unique because they are capable of engaging people on a deeper level than other forms of communication.

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